The Journal of Advanced Research in Tourism (JART) welcomes submissions based upon both primary research and reviews including papers in areas that may not directly be tourism based but concern a topic that is of interest to researchers in the field of tourism, such as economics, marketing, sociology and statistics. Applied research studies are expected to examine relationships among variables relevant to tourism by employing appropriate analytical or statistical techniques. High quality review articles that address latest advances and develop theoretical knowledge or thinking about key aspects of hospitality and tourism are accepted.

JART encourages research based on a variety of methods, qualitative and quantitative. Criteria for evaluation include significance in contributing new knowledge, conceptual quality, appropriate methodology, technical competence (of theoretical argument and/or data analysis), and clarity of exposition.

All papers are subject to double blind peer review process based on an initial screening by the editor criteria for evaluation include significant contribution to the field, conceptual quality, appropriate methodology and clarity of exposition.