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Over the years, there has been a well-documented decline in the success rate of founder-led nonprofit startups. However, is is still unclear how to help founder-led non-profit startups continue to grow. The primary reasons most startup founder-led nonprofit organizations cease to exist are the result of their merging with other organizations, the inadequacy of resources, and poor management. The objective of this study was to provide a clear road map for practices that founder-led nonprofit startups could adopt in order to ensure that their organizations operate successfully. In the light of the literatures, the result of this study also indicated that it is crucial to evolve employees in decision making process, recruit and retent of members and volunteers, create a strong brand identity, build good realtionship between the board and the managers, and develop and manage the employees’ accountabilities. Continuous efforts on these factors will influence the organisation's sustainable growth and generate personal considerations.


Non-Profit Startups Sustainable growth

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Zhu, J. (2022). Factors Contributing to Continuous Growth in Founder-led Non-Profit Startups. Journal of Advanced Research in Leadership, 1(2), 18–27.