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This paper investigates the impact of the Learning Resource Centre activities of Westminster International University Tashkent (WIUT) graduated students on the labour market outcome. WIUT library provides a learning environment that helps students to create practical teams and individual projects to support the agenda of employability. The study aims to clarify the relationship between library activities and labour market outcomes. This proposes the improvement of a commercial responsiveness workshop, in collaboration with other services, and alumni voices in an employability guide. A quantitative research approach was employed; an online survey questionnaire was distributed to alumni students to obtain the data. It was a semi-structured questionnaire designed using a Likert Scale to collect data from 607 graduates. The study revealed that LRC activities have a significant impact on labour market outcomes for students. LRC activities such as presentation skills, information technology skills, problem-solving skills, research skills were mostly expected in the labour market. Research limitations– The study was focused only on graduates of WIUT, which may limit the generalizability. Therefore, the researcher proposed to study and compare other graduates of universities in Uzbekistan. The insights are valuable for planning the curriculum of LRC activities and developing teaching practices at WIUT. Moreover, current and graduate students can learn market-oriented skills and labour market demands. This is the first-ever study in Uzbekistan that explores the relationship of university library activities on employability skills of alumni.


alumni employability human resource development labour market library activities

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Utkirov, A., & Salahodjayev, R. (2021). Impact of WIUT Library Activities on Labour Market Outcome . International Journal of Higher Education Pedagogies, 2(2), 1–25.